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Dealing with the "Bad Rap" of High Drug Prices: A PBM Story of Hope

Pharmacy Benefits Managers have faced some hard questions over the last few weeks during the Senate Finance Committee hearing on drug prices....

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States Take Action on Biologics

Did you know that the cost of biologics for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) can be greater than $60,000 per year?  Some may argue that there are...

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Customer Service is King: How to Make Your Rural Pharmacy Compete on a Global Scale

The future of the independent pharmacy is at a critical point in its development. Increasing competition with national brands, a drop in...

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USP 800: The Need-to-Know for Pharmacies

With the holidays behind us, this year is revving up to be a high-impact year for independent pharmacies across the nation. Nowhere is this...

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The Cloud, Hackers, and the Future of Patient Information

As the healthcare industry stands at the edge of a new era of technology integration, the question of patient privacy remains the biggest...

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