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It's National Pharmacist Day!

Thank you to all the wonderful pharmacists that help manage healthcare for the well being of the public!

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USP 800: The Need-to-Know for Pharmacies

With the holidays behind us, this year is revving up to be a high-impact year for independent pharmacies across the nation. Nowhere is thisfalse

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FDA Partners With Regulatory and Law Enforcement Agencies to Target Illegal and Potentially Dangerous Drug Websites

The FDA agreed once again this year to partner with national and international regulatory and law enforcement agencies, in order to crack downfalse

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The Cloud, Hackers, and the Future of Patient Information

As the healthcare industry stands at the edge of a new era of technology integration, the question of patient privacy remains the biggestfalse

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Happy Holidays from Bula!

From our families to yours, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday!

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Flu Season is Coming. Are You Prepared?

With last year’s flu season causing over 80,000 American deaths,1 it seems more Americans would be alert to the dangers of the flu season. Afalse

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Policy Makers Tackle the Opioid Crisis in Arizona

Last year alone, the opioid epidemic accounted for over 8,000 drug overdose deaths in Arizona. To battle this crisis, Arizona policy makersfalse

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